A Sun in the Green Fields

mayo 25, 2017 0 Por Gabriel Soberanis


The heart is ready for the winter, blessing for The Harvest, we see the last rays of sun disappear meanwhile upcoming and very long night is close.

Between summer and autumn or rather, between «Lughnasadh» and «Samhain» is time to return to home, to our love ones; the land is ready to receive our exhausted bodies.


In a land of hopes, not only the joy is shared, the lost, the diseases and bad weather is part of everybody; sad or despair in the heart can be appear and sometimes losing hope is a possibility. But at least, at this time in this land, one smile or a sight is enough and means everything.

Tormenta en el campo

Soon, between the death of light and upcoming darkness, the words «sufficient» or «barely» are the unique remains of the harvest; When Samhain is near, all of those golden grains, red fruits and white wool, is the reward of those “simple” people of few words, but honest feelings, the people who know that the word HOME is more than a place.

Irish pub

Is share a pint with our friends, thinking in grains growing and being chosen with patience and care.

Is share a piece of bread with the people around a table, seeing the golden wheat in those beautiful fields.

Or when we can surround with a warm wool coat to our lover, I think in love; the love in the people who take care of sheep, the love in the people who made the clothes for the winter and give us the opportunity to give much more love.

Maybe today, a handshake, a hug, a smile, sharing a beer or a slice of bread is no big deal, but every time that I see the green fields of Ireland, I can see laughing a friends in a Pub, I can see the brave loving eyes of «that» Irish Girl.

I’m sure those traditional feelings of the Harvest, stills alive in the souls of all of them.